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A wolf in wolf’s clothing?

The Audubon article I link to at the end of this post sums up Sec. Zinke better than I can. But here are a few additional thoughts. People seem perplexed that a man who professes to value the traditions of hunting and angling in this country could be advocating for the destruction of those lands.

Here are a couple of things to ponder – Sec. Zinke had a distinguished career in the military, in the toughest of assignments – the Navy SEALs. These are the baddest of the bad US military assets. The people who we send into impossible situations and expect victory – think OBL’s death. But think about what it takes to hone a man into that otherworldly soldier. Practically immune to pain, able to disassociate themselves from the suffering of the enemy, in order to accomplish a military goal. He was a sniper – the ultimate test of a person’s self-honed skill.

It really should not be surprising that someone trained to kill without remorse would not necessarily feel pity for a silly, colorful game bird, an African elephant, or even native American cultural artifacts. The thrill is in the kill. And I am betting our mustangs are considered a very high target for Zinke’s scope – unless a few GOP members who are also animal lovers and know the public outrage will reach piercing decibel levels.